Customer Reviews

Tathy - USA                   Feb 2020

The iSeeAir worked right out of the box. This is giving me a piece of mind knowing that I can check the indoor air pollution at anytime and anywhere. Good job!

Jeff - USA                       Feb 2020

I have purchased items from the internet before that didn't look or work like shown in the ad. This sensor is what I was looking for to monitor the conditions in my house. It wasn't hard to set it up and I check the web site all the time to track time and events that have affected the air.

Carolee - Washington     Sept 2019

We live in an area with a lot of wildfires around us during the summer. With 3 young kids this has been a nice thing to have to give me some peace of mind that we are all breathing in clean air inside while it might not be so clean outside. We had a few kinks with it at first but after contacting the company, they helped me through it so nicely!! Great customer service for sure! Seems like a hard thing to come by these days.


mtwestman - Utah      Sept 2019

I have been using the iSeeAir-Chameleon for more than six months now and I am a big fan. I have placed it in my home office. I look at it many times during the day to make sure I am safe from indoor air pollution. I have started using the IAQ Journal to keep track of the changes I see. In my case the Chameleon is mostly green/yellow. I can literally live with that. A couple of times each day it will go to yellow/red and sometimes it changes to red. On those occasions I leave my office for another room until the danger subsides usually after 15 - 20 minutes. I feel safer with the information I receive from the Chameleon.

In full disclosure I am the author of My Story. I am feeling healthier and stronger every day.

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