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Frequently Asked Questions

What are VOCs?

VOCs are the volitile organic compounds found in the air. for more information go to IAQ FACTS

How long until I recieve my order?

Orders are usually shipped within 3 working days after receiving your order and payment. From there it will depend on the shipping instructions you choose.

What can I do if VOCs or CO2 are high?

Often VOC and/or CO2 readings are high due to poor air circulation, use of cleaning supplies, cosmetics, perfumes, colognes, paints, having new furniture or flooring materials, or any of over 100 other reasons. If warnings are so high as to cause immediate harm, stop using what ever has made a change in your IAQ, get the air circulating by turning on a fan or opening windows, if levels remain high you may need to evacuate the premises for a while. When you have sufficient information on your cause of poor IAQ that is HVAC related you may want to call a trusted HVAC professional or company certified in indoor air pollution remediation. If risk is lower you may start with improving air circulation. Check your air filter on your furnace, if dirty, replace ASAP. Open windows and doors to bring in fresh air. We at iSeeAir, LLC are not experts in indoor air pollution remediation. We are however very good at Indoor Air Quality detection and evaluation. You may find other helpful hints on our Blog.

Is iSeeAir a certified HVAC company.

No, iSeeAir is a manufacturer of air quality measuring devices. We are not a certified HVAC company. We do work closely with many companies who have proven knowledgeable about VOC and CO2 remediation. We always suggest calling someone in your area who has extensive experience in this field. Please remember, remediation advice given here is to quickly improve air circulation and is not meant to be a long term fix. That must come from a quaified HVAC professional.

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