iSeeAir-RSS Plus 

$335.00 USD

The iSeeAir-RSS Plus is designed for customers who need to know the levels of particulate matter (1-10 microns) in a room. Designed and manufactured by iSeeAir, LLC, a division of Design Criteria, Inc., a more than 2 decades old business, it is one of the most advanced systems for warning people of hazardous indoor air pollutants on the market.


You can rely on iSeeAir products to be accurate, rugged, and unobtrusive.     

In the US, pollen is one of the most common causes of allergies. Pollen is a very fine powder or dust produced by plants such as trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds.  Many people have an adverse immune response when they breathe in pollen. Of the hundreds of different species of plant, there a few that initiate allergic reaction in people:  Birch pollen, Oak pollen, Grass pollen and Ragweed pollen.


Some of the most common allergic reactions to pollen are:

  • sneezing

  • nasal congestion

  • sinus pressure, which may cause facial pain

  • runny nose

  • itchy, watery eyes

  • scratchy throat

  • cough

  • swollen, bluish-colored skin beneath the eyes

  • decreased sense of taste or smell

  • increased asthmatic reactions


Our RSS Plus can detect the fine pollen dust.  Use the RSS Plus to monitor pollens so you can take action.

What Makes the RSS Plus Different From the RSS? 

The iSeeAir-RSS Plus adds an additional sensor that measures and reports the levels of very fine and extremely small (1-10 microns small) particulate matter in your indoor area. You still get the the same information as the RSS transferred to our secure website over the internet. 


With the RSS Plus you still get to view graphs, gauges, thermometers, barometers and hygrometers of real time and historic levels of CO2, TVOCs, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity along with levels of micron particulate matter, both real time and historic. Your IAQ is the only air quality you can control and it all starts with one of the iSeeAir products informing you of what needs to be done to have clean air. Just plug it into an electrical outlet or an optional Power Bank, see accessories, if you want added mobility. Follow the easy install instructions that comes with the RSS Plus and let it go to work for you. When you want to check on the IAQ levels all you have to do is log onto our secure website and check out all of the information you are looking for.  

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You and a Certified HVAC Professional, will to be able to create a plan for remediation of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).