Chameleon Pro 


$99.00 USD

What is the difference between the iSeeAir Chameleon and the iSeeAir Chameleon Pro?

The Chameleon Pro is designed to give professionals the tools they need to  analyse and diagnose Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at a reasonable cost. With the information you receive from the Chameleon Pro you can create a plan that will mitigate indoor air pollution for your customers. 


The Chameleon Pro breaks out the IAQ into Humidity, TVOC and CO2 levels because each of these have a different remedy. It also can connect to up to five WiFi enabled devices directly if you need to look at the raw data that the lights represent. To avoid the necessary warmup period for accurate analysis we suggest you connect to a power bank it will provide easy mobility. (for more information on power banks go here) Although the Chameleon Pro is designed for HVAC technicians it is also appropriate for those consumers who want more data.

After all...

We see the air you can't see.

There are five major items that affect indoor air quality. They are:

  • ¨ Temperature

  • ¨ Humidity

  • ¨ Total amount of VOCs

  • ¨ Total amount of CO2

  • ¨ Barometric Pressure

iSeeAir Chameleon Pro tests the air several times a minute to assure accurate reporting. 


Together you and your HVAC Professional can work out a plan for remediation that will work for you and your budget.

iSeeAir, LLC is not particularly good at mitigation. But we are very good at seeing your current levels of IAQ. You can safely rely on our findings.

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