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Like a Chameleon changes colors with its surroundings to protect itself from harm, the iSeeAir-Chameleon changes colors with its surroundings to warn you of changes in your indoor air pollution levels that may be harmful.   

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The Chameleon uses sensitive micro sensors inside to detect, evaluate and give you visual diagnosis of your current indoor air quality. Easy to operate just plug your iSeeAir Chameleon into an electrical outlet or Power Bank (see Accessories under the "Order Now" drop down menu above) let it run for 5 minutes to acclimatize to its surroundings and it will tell you your current Indoor Air Quality several times each minute. Follow the chart below, a copy is found in your shipping box, and see what is in your air. It is that simple to use. Oh, in addition it makes a great night light.

Chameleon Mode and Pollution Chart

The tail of the Chameleon will light up either in Orange for the Level of total VOCS or Blue For CO2 in your indoor space.  Just like the outdoor air sensors we have used for years, Green means a good indoor air diagnosis, Yellow means your diagnoses is to be cautious, things are not looking good, and Red diagnoses means there is very harmful levels of VOCs or CO2 in your indoor space, prolonged exposure could cause serious illness. The blue or CO2 mode on the chart also gives you a range of parts per million of CO2 inside your space.  

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Once you know your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) diagnoses you can take appropriate action to protect your family from harmful Indoor Air Pollutants, and increase your IAQ.