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My Story


What I have learned

  •   Carbon forms are found in all organic matter, living or dead.

  •   Carbon based material is found in all sorts of things around us, such as:

    • building materials

    •   household cleaners

    •   makeup 

    •   perfumes

    •   toiletries

    •   furniture

    •   home crafts

    •   paint

    •   adhesives

    •   turpentine

    •   solvents and cleaners,  just to name a few

  •  All carbons decay producing Hydro-carbons that are released into the air as microscopic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  •  VOCs may produce allergic reactions in some people.

  •  High concentrations of VOCs can cause severe reactions that may cause headaches, loss of concentration, vomiting, loss of consciousness, seizures, and even death.

  •  Concentrations of indoor VOCs are found to be ten times higher than outdoors.

  •  The twelve most common carbon pollutants are as high as 5 times larger in homes than outdoors.

  •  Temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure affect levels of VOCs.

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