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"I didn't realize how much seeing the actual data, would help me get the air quality in my house to a normal state!"

Kathy H. Sandy, Utah 

"Having this sensor in my home, makes me feel like my family's health is top priority."

Matt G. Idaho Falls, Idaho 

"This sensor does its job, and it was easy for me to set up. Now that's saying something."

Tyson W. SLC, Utah 

"Easy set up, and the customer service experience is 10/10"

Blaine C. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Deciding which iSeeAir IAQ diagnostic instrument is best suited for you. It really is quite simple. All four iSeeAir IAQ diagnostic models collect, analyze and diagnose air pollution data. The decision is how much information do you want, how would you like to retrieve it, and do you want a digital diagnose kept for any length of time?

Which sensor is best for you?

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What does breathing mean to you?

Breathing to us is not just an automatic response your body makes.
It's one less sick day, better peace of mind, and a healthier family.
That is why we stand by the iSeeAir Sensor, because we know how much breathing means to you.

Worried about your air quality?

iSeeAir products help you monitor your indoor air quality by looking at potentially harmful matter in your air such as: ​​

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • VOCs Levels

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Particulates (pollen and more)

RSS indoor air quality monitor in home

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When you buy one of our diagnostic tools, try it for 30 days. If you do not get the results you like, you may return it to iSeeAir, LLC for a full refund.

5 Year Warranty

This product is warranted to be free from component and workmanship defects for Five Years from the date of purchase. Check Limited Warranty information enclosed in your shipping box for details.

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