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If You Can't See Indoor Air Pollution, How Can You Fix it?

Indoor Air Pollution is 5-10 times greater than outdoors.

Particulate Matter is super fine matter of less than 10 microns found in IAP.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are microscopic carbon molecules all around us.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is harm- ful gas molecules all around us.

VOCs and CO2 can cause short and long term illnesses that manifest later in life.

Picture of Indoor Air Pollution magnified 100 X

Three Easy Steps

Step One

Decide which iSeeAir model is best suited for you. It really is quite simple. All three iSeeAir models collect and analyse air pollution data the same way. The decision is how do you want it reported to you?

  1. Chameleon-6 LED lights indicating current levels of combined IAQ.

  2. Chameleon Pro- 20 LED lights breaking out current IAQ levels of Humidity, VOCs and CO2.

  3. iSeeAir-RSS uses your WiFi network to stream IAQ data to a secure server and make them available to you anywhere you can connect to the internet, you get graphs and charts of Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure along with numeric values of VOCs and CO2.

Step Two


To place your order simply press the green Order Now button below.

Remember you can't go wrong with our liberal warranty and return policy.

Step Three


Upon receipt, follow the easy to install instructions included in your package.

Return to i-seeair.com for important information about Indoor air pollution remediation   


Chameleon                      RSS

Chameleon Pro

Two iSeeAir Models  Available

iSeeAir Products are among the most advanced systems on the market to warn people of hazardous indoor air pollution. Designed and manufactured by iSeeAir, LLC, a division of Design Criteria, Inc. the sole provider of custom, SMART, military power supplies with remote health monitoring. With our experience you can rely on whichever iSeeAir model (the RSS or Chameleon) you choose to be accurate, rugged, and unobtrusive.     

Uses include homes, apartments, town homes, condominiums, cars, special rooms, garages, workshops, pet rooms, children rooms, vacation homes, cabins, RVs, etc.  


SMART Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System 

Continued scientific research of the effects indoor air pollution has on short and long term illnesses, some of which may not manifest themselves until later in life, inspired the Design Criteria team to create this sturdy unintrusive devise to measure and report via the internet:

  • CO2  levels

  • VOC levels

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

How  iSeeAir-RSS  Works

iiSeeAir-RSS  is our most advanced product. This devise is designed for those who want to know the numeric levels of harmful indoor air pollutants. It transmits wirelessly to your router which then sends the information to our website. You or your authorized member can then access the data on line by entering the proper confidential credentials. You can view graphs, gages, thermometers, barometers and hygrometers of real time and historic levels of CO2, VOCs, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. You, working with a Certified HVAC Professional, will to be able to create a plan for remediation of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  



Like a Chameleon changes colors with its surroundings to protect itself from harm, the iSeeAir-Chameleon changes colors with its surroundings to warn you of changes in your indoor air pollution levels that may be harmful.   

The Chameleon uses micro sensors inside to detect, evaluate and give you visual confirmation of your current indoor air quality.

  • Green: Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) The gold standard of IAQ.

  • Green/Yellow: IAQ is deteriorating but not harmful. 

  • Yellow: Caution, the IAQ continues to deteriorate.

  • Yellow/Red: IAQ continues its deterioration towards harmful

  • Red: IAQ has deteriorated to harmful levels

Once you know you can take appropriate action to protect your family from harmful indoor air pollution.

You may find other helpful hints on our Blog

  Your family may

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