Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) is 5-10 Times Higher than Outdoors

If You Can't See IAP, How Can You Diagnosis it?

To diagnose the safety of the air in your home you could gather several air samples in the various rooms of your indoor space several times a day, prepare microscope slides, analyze them under a very expensive microscope and determine what they mean, or you could use one of the exceptionally designed and manufactured in the USA iSeeAir Indoor Air Quality diagnostic instruments to analyze and diagnose the condition of your air quality and what it means several times every minute of every day.

Decide which iSeeAir IAQ diagnostic instrument is best suited for you. It really is quite simple. All four iSeeAir IAQ diagnostic models collect, analyze and diagnose air pollution data. The decision is how much information do you want, how would you like to retrieve it, and do you want a digital diagnose kept for any length of time?

          iSeeAir                    iSeeAir                     iSeeAir RSS              iSeeAir RSS Plus          Chameleon            Chameleon Pro


Three Easy Steps

Step One


Decide which iSeeAir IAQ diagnostic instrument is best suited for you.


 Chameleon, or Chameleon Pro, 

 RSS,      or   RSS Plus

Step Two


To place your order simply press the green Buy Now button below.

Step Three


Upon receipt, follow the easy to install instructions included in your package.

Uses include homes, apartments, town homes, condominiums, cars, special rooms, garages, workshops, pet rooms, children rooms, vacation homes, cabins, RVs, etc.  

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